About Nico the Adventurista 

It's always about having a moment...

Whether it be with family at a fun new restaurant, rocking a fab pair of shoes you got on sale or enjoying  DIY projects with your kids. Life is made up of the moments, so why not make them the best.

I’m a Miami native, who happens to work in the very fun, fast paced world of Advertising. Asides from servicing my Clients, I'm a full-time mom & wife who is always looking to feel and look fab while also enjoying the little things in life. 

My goal with this blog is two fold. First, I wanted to challenge myself to venture into foreign waters and grow through whatever this adventure of #BloggerLife takes me. Second, since I constantly found myself  sharing stories to anyone willing to listen to me, I figured I'd create a place where you can come, hear my adventures and maybe be inspired to go out and make yours that much better. 

I hope my blog inspires you even if it's just in the smallest of ways. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest; so buy the shoes, eat the ice cream and do you!