A Little About Me


Life is like a never ending carousel filled with ups and downs…

And I’m just a girl navigating through them whose hope is to make a difference by sharing her stories, experiences and recommendations.

Born and bred in sunny South Florida, I grew up around a very large, loud Cuban-Lebanese family where I never felt alone as an only child. My family set an amazing foundation for the person I would become by engraining the importance of hard work, humility, compassion and faith in the big man upstairs at an early age. These key pillars have helped me through some of my biggest moments like graduating college, not finishing Law School (which was my childhood dream), getting married to my college sweetheart and best friend, entering the fast pace world of Advertising with pretty much zero experience, dealing with various family health scares and finally becoming a Mom to my two little ones.

My goals with this space are personal and yet collective. First and foremost, I wanted to create an place curated by what’s happening in real time in my life. It can be anything from products I’m loving, fashion and beauty sales, DIY’s to travel guides of places I’ve visited. Consider Nico the Adventurista a lifestyle hub of content that is created with the hope of helping you find information, products, events and inspiration for your own life.

Many that know me can attest that I tend to be an over-sharer in person. Yet, I fall into various insecurities, doubts and struggle with not being “perfect” in all aspects of life. This has held me back from being consistent with following thru with projects or even taking risk in my career. That said, I can’t promise that my photos will always be perfect or that I will constantly be on my phone updating you all on the latest things; but I can promise to keep things as real as possible by showcasing my imperfections along the journey. It’s time for me to put myself out there and face these fears, one post at a time.

Thank you so so much for stopping by my little slice of the world and hope to hear from you soon!