About Nico the Adventurista 


It's always about having a moment...

Whether it be with family at a fun new restaurant, rocking a fab pair of shoes you got on sale or enjoying  DIY projects with your kids. Life is made up of the moments, so why not make them the best.

I’m a Miami native, who happens to work in the very fun, fast paced world of Advertising. Asides from servicing my Clients as a Sr. Brand Manager, I'm a full-time mom to a toddler, pregnant with Baby No. 2 who’s just a wife seeking to feel and look fab in the everyday moments of life.

My goal with this space is two fold. First and foremost, I wanted to create an environment of information curated my life experiences and travels in hopes to inspire others in their daily lifestyles. Although I tend to be an over-sharer, I can at times fall into the normal insecurities, doubts and eager to be perfect. Thus, Nico the Adventurtista is an opportunity for me to overcome those insecurities by showcasing my imperfections & connect with others along the way in order to share & grow with one another.

Thank you for stopping by my little slice of the world and remember that Life is meant to be lived to the fullest; so buy the shoes, eat the ice cream and do you!